About ebank26

same owners of ebank26 has been leading international currency and banking services since 1999, thanks to a constant striving for excellence and a change in customers’ perception of banking services in various countries ebank26 promises you to continue to act fairly, honestly and with complete transparency, similar to the way we have been operating since 1999.


  • Professionalism – ebank26 staff a team of professional, experienced and skilled consultants who handles your money and is available to you from anywhere in the world by telephone, fax and the Internet. All of ebank26 currency services are managed by the entity.
  • Service – ebank26 handles many customers from the business and private sectors and provides meticulous service and personal attention to all, regardless of the scope of the transaction. ebank26 is committed to providing service with a smile, with a genuine desire to help you with any action, at any time.
  • Competitiveness – ebank26 is at the forefront of currency and banking services, thanks to large volumes of trading with the largest banks around the world. These connections enable the customer to obtain very low fees for you, which are significantly lower than the bank and the bank charges.
  • Ebank26 is working daily to improve our services and to be able to allow the services a client need no matter if its small or big size account we all deserve to have the perfect banking services we need.
  • Ebank26 soon to have a unique service where you gain access from one device to the entire world banking service
  • Ebank26 are in the process to have our debit card linked to chain of hotel restaurants and other services with a discount.