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Behind money there is humanity, we feel the pain of the others and their need of survival Imagine the person on the street that is hopeless and no real bank will help or reach to him to open a bank account and have access to good hear people that really care With our donation account anyone can open account and have the help they deserve You can also help the families and individuals that don’t have any hopes in their lives with the help of these amazing services that we have in here for you. Charity is not something that needs to happen face to face or done door-to-door.

What Can You Do

  • We assist you in helping the individuals and families who have difficult times ahead of them by extending your donations by transferring to their donation account
  • There is a unique and interesting way of reaching out to these people who have to see the low times in life. It is time to reach out to one another and ebank26 helps you in doing exactly that. You will be able to make hefty donations to the people in need by the fund transfer services.
  • This how happy you will be by feeding a person in this earth that you actually never met, giving donation is something Godly and we all know what goes around comes back 100 times better.
  • We give out?? but in reality we actually receiving our reward by doing the right thing and help the other not matter of their faith, religious, color, age.

Join today and lets all help each other.

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